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“We always believe that there were a great number of outstanding people behind every Indonesian’s leading companies “ In today’s competitive business, acquiring and retaining high credible and talented people is essential, especially for high level position such as Manager, CEO or MD. These people are the core of your company’s success, the ones who will actualize the vision and mission of your company in the future. INARA Consulting believes that the basic pre-requisite for any successful business organization is meeting that human capital challenge. Our company has the ability to strengthen your business by sourcing the most qualified and talented senior executives and managers for your business. We are ready to identify, engage and attract the potential candidates that best suit your requirement. Ensuring the outcome of our client business processes as the most effective and the most efficient, suited to the strategic needs and thrust of the organization.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to be Indonesia’s leading HR Consulting within the scope of regional market

Our Mission

Our Mission is to deliver the best value of solutions and services with height commitment for the satisfaction of our clients, candidates and employees.

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