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  1. Basic Human Resource Management
  2. Competency Based HR Management (CBHRM)
  3. NLP for HR
  4. Competency for New HR Manager
  5. Cara Effektive Menyusun Job Description
  6. Job Analysis, Jobdesc based on KPI
  7. How to Set Up HR System
  8. Standart Operating Prosedur
  9. Portfolio HR Audit
  10. Basic Recruitment & Selection
  11. Behavioral Event Interview
  12. Certified Recruitment and Selection Professional
  13. Manpower Planning & Workload Analysis
  14. Certified Performance Management System
  15. Performance Appraisal with KPI
  16. Competency Matrix Management System
  17. Certified Salary Structure Spesialist
  18. How to Develop Training Yearly Plan & Budget
  19. Training for New Trainer
  20. Training Need Analysis
  21. Coaching Skill for Supervisor & Manager
  22. Managerial Skill For New Managers
  23. HR Officer Development Program - HRODP
  24. Certified GA Professional
  25. Sales & Negotiation Skill with NLP

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